When the storm hits

Face the storm that hits you now. Keep your head up and let it scratch the surface of your face. It’s okay to be hurt. It’s okay to burn a little. You will get better. Storms die down eventually. Even hurricanes die out entirely in the end.

Bare trees and grey skies are temporary. They merely indicate the seasons, remember how this is just a preparation for new things to bloom in Spring. It will come, really it will. Recognize the quiet space in the middle of the tornado. This is where you catch your breath. This is where you see things clearly. This is where you need to accept. Be frustrated, be sad, be mad even. But above all; be brave. Sometimes the heart needs to shed some tears.

Breathe my darling, breathe. 

Healing is messy, it can rip old wounds open. Infected scars are the worst. Don’t worry about fixing anything. Go through it and all will be fixed, just believe me. Devastation might be inevitable. But not within you. You will dust off your shoulders and continue.

Face the fears that are hitting you. Know that nightmares are just temporarily fears, passing by in the night. They will never stay, you will always wake up from them eventually.  Shine through the cracks in your soul. Show the world how you heal yourself with gold.

You are way more than the chaos and confusion overwhelming you right now. I know you know this.

Do not hide for shelter. Do not go and run from whatever it is you need to face. If it makes you cry, let it. If it takes away your smile, trust that everything is temporary and you will get it back without looking for it, you will. Don’t try to hide your pain, don’t try to fake it. Just face this.

Stand tall. Stand strong. Keep your eyes wide open and see all those surrounding you, knowing as well as I do. You will make it through. I know all you like to do now is fall on your knees and surrender. Perhaps even give up and give in – don’t you dare baby, don’t you dare. The victory will taste sweeter than you can imagine. Don’t fight it. Don’t force it. Trust the process.

Decluttering your soul can be a messy job. So when the storm hits the house. And you have opened the dungeons, the closets and all that was buried has been released. The whole house shakes.  Yes, this can be tremendously scary. Trust this storm will blow away the last pieces, of the stories stuck to your soul with bad endings. Let it blow away. Let the wind take it to places you never have to go again.

Let go of everything that doesn’t serve you. I repeat to you; let go of everything that doesn’t serve you.

Anything or anyone that isn’t making you stronger right now, let them go with this storm. Watch them turn into pieces so small until you can barely see them. Let go, let go, and move on with your precious life. You were made for far bigger things than these particles. You were made for comets and earthquakes.

My dear, you deserve the universe.

Trust that in order to get to bigger things you need to let go to make space. Be real to your soul. You are fine on your own. Standing here might feel lonely, but trust me when I say you are not alone.

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