Citytrip | Olso, Norway

So right after spending the Christmas in Trysil I traveled to Oslo to spend a few days in the city. I’ve been in Oslo a few times now but I never really had the time or created the change to go and spend it in the city. At the day of my arrival it was snowing pretty heavy and because it was the day after Christmas the streets were completely empty making Oslo look like a ghost town.

I have to say I was pretty tired of snowboarding (read: experiencing an epic snowboard fail that left me with bruises all over), traveling and the festive Christmas meals so this visit was really mellow and chilled out.

I spend most of my time strolling around the cold city and getting warmed up in museums like the National Historical Museum and The Viking Ship Museum. Both cool places but I did had a greater expectation of the last one. I was kind of looking forward to get to know a bit more about the Vikings and their history but the museum was pretty small and did not give me a clear vision at all. Having one of the best steak meals at one of the best places I’ve ever been (called Trancher) that same day made up for it all. Will tell a bit more about that in a separate post.

Also really nice the snow finally decided to fall down in Oslo at the day of my arrival as it really contributed to the Christmas spirit and it made the city as well as the pictures look so much better.



Pretty amazing view over the city from the Palace.



DSC_2366 Little Red Riding Hood in Olso

DSC_2305DSC_2189I stayed at the Comfort Hotel Borsparken which is pretty doable if you are in a rush to see the city and want to have a affordable, comfortable and good located place to stay at. The rooms are quite small so I would not recommend it if you are planning to stay a bit longer. Although the rooms are provided with all you need and the hotel serves fresh fruit and oatmeal puree with cinnamon at breakfast (next to diverse options of breakfast meals) which make up for it.



In front of the National Historical Museum with frozen ears

FullSizeRenderFlying back to my favorite city with my favorite airline.

Until the next one!

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