“There are many ways for me to contribute with my poetry and experience. I’m not a stranger when it comes to creating concepts. If you would like to work with me and get involved with me and my poetry for your event or product but you’re not quite sure yet how to do so, I would love to sit down with you and share thoughts and ideas.”

There are various ways to collaborate or advertise at Wander with Jones. It could be in the form of press trips, sponsorships or reviews. Or might be by the use of a traditional banner on the website. There are many options! Contact at connect@wanderwithjones.com
When collaborating with Jones via www.wanderwithjones.com for your brand you are sure of getting a travel and lifestyle blogger with a growing, active following to promote your brand or business.

As a travel blogger there are two very important things Jones is always paying attention to: the places she stays at and the places she eats at. And she loves to share tips with her followers and fans. Like her to write about her stay at your hotel/guesthouse or AirBNB or have a tasting at your restaurant? Contact her at connect@wanderwithjones.com. She would be honored to do so while documenting her visit and experience via her social media pages as well as through her blog. 

Besides places and food Jones loves to try out products and services that connect with her way of living and philosophy. If your brand or product is in any way travel or health related or would simply fit awesomely with Jones and her lifestyle it might be something to think about. If you’re interested in a review or give away contest posted on her blog and social media outlets get in touch!

Jones provides poetry workshops with the theme and structure adapted to your needs or requests. She has successfully provided workshops to various schools and organisations.“What ever your story might be, I would like to help you tell your story in your own words and style and true to who you are. A story coming from the place where only the purest and truest art sprouts from. Through writing and experiencing poetry and truly speak from the heart.”

Jones is able to write a custom poem for your brand, business or event in both Dutch and English. For example she can write poems to go on a special invite, or newsletter, or even on menus for a special dinner event and of course she is also available to perform and recite her poetry at your event.

There many sponsorship opportunities and Jones is always open to collaborate on a sponsorship to assist your brand in gaining more and the right attention. This could be by social media promotion or branded content or even brand ambassadorship. If you see possibilities in working together on a sponsorship don’t hesitate to get in touch!

To stay inspired and create interesting content Jones constantly goes on trips and travels around quite often. If you’re interested in me visiting your location for press coverage, send me an e-mail or message. All proposals for press trips will be considered and ultimately determined dependent on demand, scheduling, and time frame.

Jones has been working as a model for different brands and photographers in the past. Her online portfolio can be viewed right here: http://modelingjones.tumblr.com/ 
More info and bookings: info@jonesproductions.nl

Looking for ways to expand your marketing communication and the advertising of your brand or business? Jones has an eye for PR and Marketing Communication due to her business past working at various advertising and communication agencies and brands. By creating interactive brochures, which can be downloaded and read on devices like smartphones, tablets, computers, or e-readers, she is able to provide you with a really interactive and fast way of advertising and storytelling. Because of the interactive possibilities within these brochures, they are often comparable with portable websites.View the interactive brochure for our Poet Jones label right HERE
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